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How to get appointed with Kaiser Permanente Northwest

How to apply

Getting appointed in the NW

At this time we are only granting new appointments for agencies and agents that are actively placing new business with us, or who have assumed broker of record for a client that is under an active contract in the NW Region.

If you wish to sell any carriers products in the State Marketplaces, please note that you will first need to gain certification by that states Marketplace. For more information, please visit their websites below.

For Oregon you must be certified by Cover Oregon For Washington you must be certified by Washington Health Plan Finder.

You may also fill out the online form requesting that a broker appointment application be emailed to you. Along with your application kit, Kaiser Permanente Broker Relations will also send you an agency appointment and commission agreement. To complete your application, you will need to attach all supporting information requested, including a copy of your state insurance license, and a signed copy of the agreement, and email them back to us.