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Different is good

Unlike other health insurance options, Kaiser Permanente provides both the health plan and the health care. The result is a tangible difference for our customers: State-of-the-art medical care, greater convenience, lower costs, and outstanding levels of satisfaction. Yes, it's different. And clearly, our difference is good.

With Kaiser Permanente, you have the flexibility to select plans and pairings that meet the needs of your group. You can choose to offer any one of our 11 Kaiser Permanente HMO plans as a stand alone plan, or you can offer a pairing between a Kaiser Permanente plan and one of our eight Multi-Choice Plans.

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Note about covered ZIP codes: check with your sales representative to verify coverage in the Athens, Columbus, Macon, and Savannah service areas.

A different model

High quality care doesn't need to be expensive. With our unique model, Kaiser Permanente makes it convenient for members to get state-of-the-art medical care. This helps our customers maintain a healthy, productive workforce and helps drive down health care costs through:

  • carefully selected doctors
  • truly coordinated care
  • focus on prevention and early diagnosis

Our difference makes a difference

  • in member and employer satisfaction
  • in the quality of care
  • in employee health and productivity
  • in controlling health care costs


Covered ZIP codes